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Westgate Pet Clinic

4345 France Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55410


They love their patients and their people!

They offer well pet visits and vaccines as well as comprehensive medical, dental and surgical care. At Westgate Pet Clinic, they know staying current and progressive is important. In addition to traditional medical care, they offer unique and advanced services such as laparoscopic surgery, care for rabbits, rodents and guinea pigs, acupuncture and rehabilitation therapy for pets (including braces and prosthetic limbs for dogs). They also have puppy classes and Minnesota’s only kitten class.

Offering a wide range of services for your pet!

◇ Preventative Health Care
◇ Comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Surgical Care
◇ Complimentary Medicine including Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Services

With 10 veterinarians, they have over 175 years of combined experience in veterinary medicine. They share this knowledge and expertise with one another every day. Also Voted, “Best Veterinary Clinic in Edina” by the readers of Edina Magazine!