So you’re here because you either are interested in exploring Linden Hills, or you just want to read the ramblings of an partially insane middle-aged woman that’s been there done that and are needing some perspective in life different from your own and your relatives.

Wow. That was a run on sentence if I ever saw one. I’m going to keep it though. That’s going to happen on my blog sometimes. Well, lots because that’s how I think and frankly I don’t give a tooty-fruity if it bothers you because it doesn’t bother me one bit and , well, its my time and dime so either deal with it or leave. But, if you choose to stay we’re going to dive into life. Life and all its glory from the perspective of a Linden Hills mother of two and recently divorced as well.

So get out the pj’s and pour your favorite alcoholic beverage because this is going to be a weird journey into my opinionated self on paper…digital paper that is.