Woofstock & Top Dog Country Club


Meet Woofstock Sponsors, Part Two!


One of our new sponsors is Top Dog Country Club, owned and operated by Jean Beuning.  We tracked her down to learn more about her passion for dogs…and her special love for senior dogs.  (And we think she has one of the best professional photos ever!)


What’s your favorite part of Woofstock?

The dogs (!!!!) and talking with owners about providing the best vacations for their “kids” . . . and also talking about socialization and pack behavior and how we really work with dogs while they vacation with us to improved their skills. . . so they are better on walks and at dog parks and wherever they go.


How are you participating in Woofstock this year?

This year we are a sponsor and have a brand new logo, booth, give aways, etc.


How long have you been involved in Woofstock? 

Since the beginning I believe.


Do you own a dog? Tell us a little bit about them? Will we be able to meet them at Woofstock? 

Do I own a dog????  Yes! 🙂 I also usually have 1, 2, 3 . . . or more foster dogs at any time.  I rescue seniors that have been left behind.

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