Unbeatable Service at Mint Orthodontics

Mint Orthodontics, Linden Hills

The first thing you notice when walking into Mint Orthodontics is that it looks almost nothing like a traditional dentist office. The surroundings are open, airy, and modern, as a way of countering the instinctive nervousness many feel going to get their teeth fixed.

All of the procedures at Mint are designed to make the experience easy, fun, and not at all like a traditional doctor’s office. Instead of having to fill out pages of paperwork, the staff gathers all of the necessary information over the phone or during the consultation. Appointments are scheduled so there is almost no wait time; if there does happen to be an unforeseen wait, the office will call to let you know, before you arrive. Dr. Sudit and his staff also prioritize complete transparency with their patients, ensuring patient comfort and understanding of their treatment plan. They even have a fully stocked snack bar for their patients to enjoy.

Owner Geoff Sudit grew up in Minnetonka and actually went to high school with the wife of one of the owners of the new Linden 43 building at the corner of Upton and 43rd. So, when Geoff was ready to open his own practice, it was a happy coincidence that he didn’t have to look far to find the perfect spot in Linden Hills.

And here is another interesting tidbit – from 1942 to 1950, Geoff’s great grandfather (whom Geoff is named for) owned Stillman’s, a food store at 2814 W 43rd St in the building that is now Dunn Bros and Naviya’s Thai Brasserie—right next door to Mint Orthodontics current location! Geoff grew up hearing stories from his grandma Phyllis about going to school a few blocks from the store and helping out behind the register after classes were done. With memories like that, Geoff is thrilled to bring his family back into the community.

Though Mint Orthodontics looks and feels like a luxury, Dr. Sudit believes that orthodontics shouldn’t be priced as a luxury for the elite. His prices are reasonable and he has very flexible, no interest payment plans. He strives for complete honesty with his patients, differentiating what is necessary for dental health and what is cosmetic. He welcomes both children and adults in his practice, where the length of treatment can range from two months to two years. And there are lots of different ways to achieve the desired results in Orthodontics, from traditional metal or clear ceramic braces to Invisalign, which offers gradual correction using a series of clear aligners.

Mint Orthodontics | 2804 W 43rd St | 612-509-6468

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