Raeheart Finanical to become Centered Wealth

Jina Penn-Tracy began environmental and social activism after surviving cancer in her 20s and seeing the connections between environmental contamination, wellbeing and the health of our planet. When she started Raeheart Financial in 2004, not many advisors shared those values and put clients’ ethics at the center of their financial lives. So, Penn-Racy designed True Wealth Planning, which includes:

1. Understanding her client’s personal mission, spiritual beliefs and core values.
2. Using the traditional financial planning process to help align clients’ lives with their core values.
3. Employing Socially responsible and Impact Investing to serve the good of her clients and the larger world.

Through True Wealth Planning clients experience greater inspiration, peace of mind and a sense of empowerment in relation to their financial planning and investing. Penn-Tracy believes the name Centered Wealth better reflects that experience.

Centered Wealth | 4316 Upton Avenue South | 612-267-2257

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