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Mint Orthodontics

2804 W. 43rd Street
Minneapolis MN 55410


Premier, modern orthodontics for kids and adults.

Looking to straighten your beautiful smile? Look no further. Mint Orthodontics offers braces, Invisalign and other treatment options for kids, teens and adults. Plus, we do things a little differently – our goal is to make the experience safe, easy, fun and not at all like a traditional doctor’s office.

Mint Orthodontics specialties:

◇ Invisalign. Clear aligner trays that can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing it. Dr. Sudit can use Invisalign to treat most cases and has already treated over 2,500 patients in this way.
◇ Braces. Traditional braces are a great option for kids and even adults. Dr. Sudit makes sure treatment is as comfortable and short as possible, while still achieving that perfect smile.
◇ In-office and At-Home Orthodontic Treatment. Thanks to technology, schlepping to a doctor’s office is not always necessary. Talk to Dr. Sudit about how you can be treated with fewer office visits.

Dr. Geoff Sudit has been practicing orthodontics for several years and has quickly become a premier provider of braces and Invisalign in the industry; even lecturing on Invisalign to graduate students and training teams in cutting-edge treatment options. He was born and raised in Minnetonka, went to dental and orthodontic school at The University of Minnesota, and even opened up his practice right where his great grandfather (for whom he was named) had his grocery store, Stillman Grocery, nearly 80 years ago. Geoff is thrilled to bring the family back to the Linden Hills area.