Decades of Focused Care

Kathryn Lundquist has experienced much while living in the Linden Hills community for the last few decades. From the Linden Hills Co-op, where she worked for 38 years, to her founding of On The Spot Services, she has seen the evolution of her neighborhood and has always tried to stay current and involved in the process. It’s her way of giving back to our community.

As a registered nurse and owner of On The Spot Services, Kathryn provides invaluable options to her clients, many of whom reside in Linden Hills. She considers herself fortunate to know her neighbors while continuing to meet their various needs like a daily airport shuttle, pet care, and home watch Kathryn’s background includes holistic health, hospice care, assisted living, and long term care. Her areas of expertise include care planning and coordination, navigating the medical system, nursing home or assisted living placement, doctor visits, and holistic nutrition with wellness support. Kathryn thrives on variety, augmenting her nursing services in all kinds of ways. Transportation, errands and deliveries are additional options to almost any need arising. References are available on request.

On The Spot Services | Office: 612-927-6267 | Cell: 952-564-1616

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