About the Linden Hills Business Association (LHBA)

Comprised of the businesses and property owners at the intersection of West 43rd Street and Upton Avenue South, West 44th & Beard Ave as well as West 44th Street and France Avenue in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Southwest Minneapolis, the Linden Hills Business Association works:

  • To enhance and preserve the uniqueness and economic vitality of our business area.
  • To broaden and strengthen the membership and its relationship to the greater community.
  • To provide a pedestrian friendly atmosphere.
  • To continue the tradition of providing leadership in the community that benefits the neighborhood at large.

LHBA History

“According to LHBA minutes, the association was formed on May 2, 1940, when a group of professional men and women gathered at the Hamilton School of Dancing. The business association met monthly, often over dinner at a local restaurant, to promote many civic concerns.

During World War II, the group organized scrap metal drives to aid the war effort. When librarian Edith Frost retired in 1946, the LHBA held a dinner in her honor.

For many years this organization has enlivened the commercial district with decorations during the holiday season. The association continues to promote and enhance the Linden Hills commercial districts.”

From Down At The Lake (pp 57-58). Reprinted with permission.


General Member Meeting Schedule for 2019

Wednesday March 20

Wednesday May 15

Wednesday July 17

Wednesday September 18

Wednesday November 20

All meetings are at 2pm at Bremer Bank 4278 Sheridan Ave S

(all businesses and community partners are welcome)


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LHBA Board Members

Name Position/Committee Chair Affiliation
Sarah Kinkeade Co-President Bremer , Premier Banker
Geoff Sudit Co-President Mint Orthodontics, Owner
Liz Gingrey Secretary Sunu Linden Hills, Owner
Jen Bellefleur Treasurer New Gild Jewelers, Owner
Jeff Meyer Membership Chair State Farm, Local Agent
Steve Arnold Great Harvest
Bryce Hamilton Advisor Community Member
Thomas Eastman Legal Counsel Linden Hills Law Office, Principal