A Delicious Tradition

It’s easy to find Coffee and Tea Limited nestled amongst the other storefronts. Just follow your nose. Their antique gas-fired roaster has been crafting tasteful delights since the 1970s. From the crackling of the beans to the clicking of the leather drive belt, your senses will revel in the sounds and scents that only finely roasted, hand-selected coffee beans can provide.

Owner Jim Cone takes pride in sourcing beans from around the globe while building relationships with growers and brokers alike. He also provides a large selection of Fair Trade Certified choices for those that wish to support those growers. The result of all this hard work is a cup of coffee like no other. Tea lovers, you are not forgotten–you’ll be able to choose from over 100 varieties of the world’s finest loose leaf teas. Purchasing them in smaller quantities is the secret to providing you with the freshest selection in the city.

Get your favorite guilty pleasure to go or stay for a custom brewed cup. Put Coffee and Tea Limited on your list of new hangouts today.

Coffee and Tea Ltd. | 2730 West 43rd Street | 612-290-6344

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